Q: How far in advance do I book my Trial? 
 A: Typically you book your trial at least 2 months in advanced. This leaves enough room that if you are to change your mind a month before you have time to figure things out.

 Q: Is a trial necessary?
 A: Yes a trial is necessary, it gives us time to try different looks and discuss how you want to see yourself on the day/event. 

 Q: How far in advance do I book the Date? 
 A: As soon as possible! The sooner you book, the more likely the date is still available. 

 Q: Do you have a price list? 
 A: Contact me for rates

 Q: Where is the trial held?
 A:  Clients house or My Studio

 Q: Minimum number of people?
 A:  4 people IF travelling. No minimum if local

 Q: Travel fee?
 A: There is a travel fee, if outside of Ottawa or GTA. Contact for a quote. 

 Q: Deposit fee?
 A: There is a deposit fee of $100

 Q: Time per person?
 A: Estimate around 30 minutes per client. Exception being the bride ( 1 hour ) 

Q: Are eyelashes included?
A: Eyelashes are included in all prices.