Clinique Flutter-to-full Mascara

I have been on a mascara hunt this past little while, and I recently picked up this new mascara from Clinique for $28.  Its nothing like I’ve seen before, where the brush actually lets you choose how much product you want distributed.  WILD.  Anyways lets get into the nitty gritty…

Clinique's Claims ...
1. Water proof
   2. Allergy Tested
                                   3. Tube Mascara                                
        4.Smudge Proof       
     5. Fragrance free  
The Flutter- to – full Mascara is Clinique’s first tube mascara. Which essentially means the mascara is tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes, opposed to painting them. There’s a lot of benefits to a tube mascara like: Smudge proof, non-clumping, flake free and of course water proof! This formula is removed with warm water and pressure from your fingers pulling your lashes.

The packing allows you to choose how much product you want distributed on the brush by twisting the wand. Now beware, the twisting motion regularly gets stuck, which is a pain in the a**!!

The wand itself is amazing for separating lashes as its full of thick coarse bristles.  I tried all 3 “settings” and of course my favourite is the one with the most product.. bigger is always better right ;)?  I find the first setting is amazing for bottom lashes, as you wont have it all over your lower lash line. The middle setting is, meh, nothing to write home about.


So final points on the Flutter-to-full mascara:
1. Puts you in control
2. Doesn’t clump or flake
3. Amazing for Sensitive eyes
4. Cry all you want, you will still look flawless 


Talk soon Babes!!
Xo Madison 

Madison Moore