Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer Review!

If you guys have ever watched a youtube video, you have probably seen makeup artists rave on and on and on about this high end product. So naturally I gave into the hype and this is what i think...

Chanel describes this product as a cream-gel bronzer that gives you a beautiful natural sun kissed look. You can use it as a complexion base, on its own, or as a bronzer. But what Chanel forgot to tell everyone is that it smells like a flower shop. I literally HATE the smell of this product.. If you have a sensitivity to fragrance you probably won't like this. 

The packaging on the other hand is simply stunning. Its in a frosted jar with a slick black lid with the Chanel logo in gold. I currently have this on my vanity because its far to beautiful (and pricy) to be hidden. 

When going to apply this don't use your fingers, I repeat don't use your fingers. The product does not blend out beautifully unless you use a semi dense brush.But let me just say this is the most long wearing cream bronzer I have EVER tried. It lasted 10 hours on my skin without fading, breaking down or smudging. The colour is very warm without being orange. You look like you've been away on vacation for a week in Hawaii. The colour is so natural on the skin that it still looks like skin. 

The Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer can be bought at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Hudson's Bay. Its around 60$ for 30grams of product which actually isn't terrible, considering you need very little. I wouldn't try to buy this product during the summer because its literally IMPOSSIBLE to find. 

Final Thoughts? If this product didn't last so beautifully on my face, it wouldn't be worth it but since it did i'll 100% be repurchasing. 


Madison MooreComment